Pencil Skirts for Work and Play

We love pencil skirts. In fact, pencil skirts for work may be our favorite article of clothing for the office.  Pencil skirts should have a place in every woman’s wardrobe.  They are suitable for any situation and they never go out of fashion. The pencil skirt can have various types of cut, fabric, fit, length, and hemline. They must have been designed with the working girl in mind.  Worn in the office, not only will you be efficient, you will look efficient.  They are so comfortable to wear and look great.  Wear it to work, then add an accessory, perhaps a short jacket over your fancy blouse, and you are ready for a night out.

We hope you won’t limit yourself to wearing a pencil skirt to only the office.  They are truly one of the most versatile pieces of clothing you can have in your closet, and more than one in the closet would be ideal.  They are perfect anywhere you go.  So flattering to every figure type.  Basic black is universal and what you may think of when you hear the words pencil skirt, however, you can find these skirts in many colors, fabrics and even prints.   The printed or flowery styles are perfect for summer.  High waisted, or empire waist, skirts are in style today.  You may like the high waist but we still offer the natural waistline skirt.

Centsationals offers a variety of pencil skirts for work.  You will find them in our catalog online and at Pinterest.  Come take a look.


New and Beautiful Plus Size Outfits Just In Time For Summer

New plus size clothing is online just in time for you to add to your wardrobe for those summer days ahead.   Ladies who wear a plus size are finding wonderful new styles made just for you.  Plus size women and girls want to look and feel pretty, whether dressed for a party, a day at the beach or window shopping downtown. is happy to offer new summer clothing made to suit your personal style.

Designers and manufacturers are offering wonderful new clothing in plus sizes, making shopping for the perfect outfit for any occasion seem effortless.

Now is the time to shop for your personal style or establish your personal style.  Find a fabulous swimsuit, grab your straw hat and head for the beach.

Need a special, flowy dress for a wedding you’re invited to?  You’re sure to find something in a pretty color or print that will surpass your expectations.  You’ll feel glamorous and turn heads at the reception, as well as look and feel good about your choice.

Casual wear can change into something classy just by adding a few pretty accessories.  Denim is always a wise choice that you can dress up with a jacket or lacey blouse.  If you prefer, skirts or maxi dresses are always appropriate.  There’s no need to turn down an invitation because you have nothing to wear when you have at your fingertips.  Come take a look for that great, new outfit in a plus size.  You’ll be glad you did.

Casual Lace Tops Can Make Your Outfit Special

Look what casual lace tops can do.  Spring and summer are the perfect seasons for lace.

Lace blouses can be part of a wonderful outfit for the office.    You will add a bit of sophistication to that efficient look you want to convey.

Lace conveys a  feminine, sometimes vintage, vibe.  Lace and denim?  Absolutely! When you top a pair of jeans with a white lace blouse you will look casually elegant.  Whether you’re out hanging with the girls or meeting that special guy, you’ll be dressed comfortably and making your own style statement.  Casual lace tops go especially well with jeans or a denim skirt or even shorts.  Even though white lace is the most elegant color, your choice doesn’t have to be limited to white.  Be a little daring.  You could pair a blush top with black jeans for instance and make a colorful appearance.  With lace tops and denim, anything goes and you will look great.  Dressing up any outfit is easy when you add a pretty lace top.  When you combine a lace blouse with a nice pair of dress slacks or a skirt, you’ll be dressed just right for any occasion.

At, we have casual lace tops in several colors.  We are sure you’ll find a few that are just right for you.



Shopping For Affordable Purses For Sale Online has affordable purses for sale.  You can find exactly what you need for that summer vacation you’re planning.  This featured purse is a large, printed, vintage style tote to carry all the items you can’t leave home without.  This handy purse comes in 3 pieces; a messenger type bag, a smaller cosmetic bag or clutch and a wallet.  It’s perfect for traveling.  It comes in several romantic patterns depicting various places to visit in Europe.

But we know one bag is never enough.  Each day and each activity can demand a different type of purse.   When traveling we need a large bag that we can stuff under the seat when on an airplane.   After arriving at our destination, for sightseeing, we could opt for a small cross-body bag that is lightweight but can hold a lot.

A small clutch purse may be perfect to carry at a wedding, something small to carry under the arm.  On a shopping spree, however, we go for an over-sized shoulder bag, big enough to hold the many bargains we find.

Your choice might depend on what style is most comfortable for you. Some ladies prefer a long shoulder strap.  Others find short handles they can grasp with one hand to be easier to manage.  If you like to keep up with fashion, you can do some research or take a look around and see what style purse is popular with other women.  If you care more about functionality, go for what makes you feel confident and looks good. has affordable purses for sale.  Come take a look.  You’re sure to find purses you will love. Is The Place To Look For Women’s Clothing Online


Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful moms out there.

Give yourself a Mother’s Day present by shopping for Women’s Clothing Online.  It’s fun and easy.  At, you can find new styles or retro dresses to add to your wardrobe or you can find an item to replace an outdated style.  We have shoes, shoes, shoes.  You will need sneakers for hiking or shopping or strolling around town with your favorite guy or your best girlfriends.  You will find sandals for casual wear and the beach.  Skirts, dresses or slacks will need flats to add that finishing touch.   There are skirts for the office and blouses, too,  for dress up or casual.  In one place you’ll find a huge assortment of stockings and hosiery, swimsuits,  slacks, sweaters, sleepwear and lingerie.  We have something for everyone.

You won’t want to miss our line of comfortable and flattering plus sizes in dresses, skirts, bathing suits and blouses to fit everyone.  You can find something that makes you feel glamorous for that special date or occasion.  There are casual and comfy looks, too.  You’ll need fashionable purses to hold those items you can’t be without.  You’re sure to find something just for you.

Do your one-stop shopping for Women’s Clothing Online at  We look forward to seeing you there.

Welcome to Shopping for Beachwear For Women Online

The beach is calling!  And we’re listening.  Whether you’re an accomplished swimmer or a sun lover, whether your choice is ocean waves or calm poolside, has what you’re looking for when it comes to Beachwear for Women.  We love the bikini look, but we may also want to look closer at the one-piece suits with a little camouflage on the bustline or bottom.   This summer we hope that no matter your shape, size or swimming ability, you will get out there with friends or family and enjoy a day in the sun. Your children won’t remember your shape or size or swimming ability.  They’ll remember the fun they had when mom was helping build sand castles or wading in the ocean making memories and having a day to remember.

Centsationals has swimsuits that will give you the confidence to join in the fun.  If you’re the daring sort and not faint of heart, we have dangerously skimpy bikinis or streamlined one-piece suits, tankinis or boxer short styles and more.  If you can’t make up your mind on one particular style, choose two.  It’s always good to have an extra “go to” swimsuit and never having to say,  “I don’t have anything to wear”.

Welcome to for Beachwear for Women.  We have a swimsuit you’re sure to like and perhaps a coverup to go with it. We even have beachwear for moms to be.   Come shop with us.

Spring is Here Just In Time To Find Summer Dresses At

It’s time to add to or perk up your collection of Summer Dresses.  At, we feel dresses are number one in the summertime.  We prefer dresses to two-piece outfits.  What could be easier than slipping into a dress rather than picking out a pair of capris or shorts and searching for a matching top?  A dress will always give you a finished look for work or play.

Anything goes with dresses.  Your choices include sleeveless, half sleeve or 3/4 sleeve.  A-line, pleated, full or pencil skirt.  Mini, midi or maxi lengths.   A dress is perfect for the office with a pair of heels and accessories that add a bit of color.  A simple change of shoes and accessories and you’re ready for a get together with friends, a casual date or shopping with the girls.

When looking for Summer Dresses we’re drawn to fabrics that provide comfort. Natural cotton is the most popular all-around favorite fabric for summer clothing.  Cotton fabrics can be silky or rough, smooth or textured, thick or sheer, indestructible or luxurious.  Variations of cotton fabrics offer much variety in color and texture in solids and prints.

Whether it is a new-to-you fashion or an old faithful style,  at, we’re sure you will find a style that says “you” in our selection of  Summer Dresses.


Elegant vintage skirts for sale

You might want to ask what is so particular about vintage that makes everyone love them and can break the bank to have one. I would say it has to do with their style, which is so unique that we can’t stop until we own a vintage product. Granted, your wardrobe cannot be complete unless you add a vintage skirt for sale to it. They make you feel your best no matter what life throws at you and despite where you spend your day.

So, whether you are preparing for a board meeting or planning a beach trip you can choose from our vintage skirts for sale. Vintage skirts come in different patterns – plaid, floral and peach blossom quality skirts – carefully hand-picked to ensure you look amazing. Furthermore, you can choose from our easy-to-match vintage skirt colors and standout shades that will earn you compliments.

Next, vintage skirts for sale come in different sizes, lengths and styles. Lastly, once you have made up your mind on the styles and designs of vintage skirts for sale you want to buy, kindly visit our website and make your selection. But note that pencil skirts are a staple for any business or casual wardrobe and they come in different variety of shades.

Sleepwear For Women From Fancy And Glamorous To Casual and Comfortable

Pajamas, nightgowns, loungewear, robes.  What can be said about sleepwear that hasn’t already been said?  There’s plenty to think about though.  Does thinking about getting ready for sleep bring on boredom, or anticipation?  If the thought of putting on that comfy old camisole you’ve been wearing for years doesn’t perk you up, it’s time to rev up your sleepwear game.

There are times when comfort is the goal and that oversized tee-shirt will feel the best and help you snuggle in for a good night’s sleep.  There will be evenings when you want to feel a little glamorous and fancy.  Perhaps you want to please someone besides yourself, too. has much to show you in the way of Sleepwear for Women.   Our line of nighttime clothing includes shortie pajamas and long-legged pant pajamas, made from soft cotton,  silk or cotton/polyester fabrics in prints or lovely solid colors.   You will see nightgowns and robes in short lengths or long ankle lengths in solid colors with lace trim or printed fabrics.  We have whimsical styles, too, just for fun and ease of wear.   Warmer weather leads us to think about retiring our winter sleepwear and replacing it with lightweight,  luxury styles and fabrics to wear when it’s time for sleep or to lounge around in on those lazy mornings when we want coffee and the newspaper.  Come to for your new sleepwear for women.

Women’s Blouses and Tops That Go From the Office, to Dinner or Casual Hanging Out

It’s time to give your wardrobe a boost with a fresh new look.  With warmer weather on the horizon, our thoughts naturally and gratefully turn to lighter clothing to replace the winter heavyweights we’ve been wearing.

Women’s blouses and tops are Number 1 on our shopping list.  Blouses hold the key to spring and summertime outfits.   Oh, the freedom chiffon or cotton blouses bring after the long months of sweaters.  What a wonderful feeling to be wearing T-shirts and shorts or capris again.

For the workplace, we want a polished and sophisticated look.  At, our selections include ruffles, lace, stripes, prints and solids in dress shirts that go well with slacks or pencil skirts for a professional look in the office.   We offer blouses that can do double duty. Our tops are so versatile that the same selection may go well for the office, brunch with the girls, a dinner date or casual hanging out.

For Women’s Blouses and Tops, be sure to check out  We have what you’re looking for to give a boost to your wardrobe.