The Women’s Turtleneck Sweater Designed With You In Mind

Turtleneck sweater weather is on the horizon and we love it.  It’s time to dig in the closet and pull those skinny or loose-knitted turtlenecks to the front.  They’re great for work or play.  A cozy turtleneck feels so warm and comfortable under a long shirt or sweater on a cool night outdoors.  We wear those loosely knit turtlenecks alone or over skirts, jeans or slacks, and even some leggings look good matched with one.  In the office, we like to wear the skinny turtlenecks or the sleeveless ones under a dark colored blazer for that professional look.  Layered under blouses, blazers, jumpers, pullover sweaters,  or tucked into jeans, you’ll look smart and feel that way too.

Do you or don’t you wear jewelry with a turtleneck?  Do you think it is a bit much to wear a necklace with a high neck sweater?  We say not at all.  Accessories, such as a long draped necklace, look lovely at the neck of a pullover.

We’re in love with our turtlenecks and we think you will be too.  Let show you what it has to offer in the way of that cozy Women’s Turtleneck Sweater.  We think you’ll love what you find.





You Will Love Our Beachwear for Women

We love dreaming of lazy days spent on the beach or by the pool, but sometimes the thought of putting on a skimpy bathing suit keeps us from enjoying the thing we love.  Not anymore. Don’t spend the last days of summer sitting on the sidelines because you think your shape isn’t good enough.  Learn to like yourself, no matter your body type, because you are unique.  There’s nobody quite like you, so get into that suit.  Jump into the water.  Play with your kids.  Hunt for shells or sea glass.  Make memories.  No matter your shape or size, has a flattering, functional and stylish bathing suit to make you feel good about yourself.

Begin by deciding what type of swim suit you like.  Want to try something different?  How about the high-neck, sporty tankini.  The forever popular one-piece suits are easy to wear and very pretty.  And for the adventurous, the bikini comes in all sizes, shapes and colors.  The selection of beachwear for women is endless and fun to explore and comes in plus sizes also.

There’s some summer left.  Let’s enjoy it.  Join us at  We’re sure you will find an item or two in our swim suit section that will bring a smile to your face and inspire you to plan your next fun day at the beach or pool.


Sleepwear For Women Doesn’t Have To Be Frumpy And Boring!

A woman should enjoy her evening relaxation without feeling like she just put on a bag over her body. Long gone are the days when sleepwear was baggy and shapeless. Today, there are numerous styles to choose from so that you can feel cozy and stylish! Feast your eyes on the style options that you have on our website including a silk spaghetti strap nightgown, a curve-hugging cotton nightgown, or even a baby doll lace night dress.

Throw your old and torn-up pajamas away and slip into something alluring and comfortable. We at Centsationals are bringing you so many fabulous options so that you can enjoy sipping your evening cup of tea or reading under the glow of a table lamp in style. Don’t let the weather stop you from finding something you will get complimented on either!

During these hot summer months, a silk strapless nightgown is a beautiful way to enjoy a peaceful nighttime atmosphere without getting sweaty and sticky. When the winter gets here, slip on a soft cotton pajama set in a fun pattern and be cozy and cute as you sip hot cocoa and get ready to relax the busy day away. We are excited to help you find sleepwear for women that your significant other will definitely notice!

How to Wear Our Favorite Summer Dresses

Along with popsicles, swimming pools and spending more time outdoors, one of the best things about summer has to be the dresses.  Slip on one pretty piece and you’re ready to go at a moment’s notice.  And nothing will keep you cooler in a heatwave or looking great on date night than a dress.  Summer heats up but you can still look and feel cool.  When you want to update your wardrobe for the warmer season, has many styles to choose from.  If you want to look chic, a better choice than shorts and tees can be a pretty summer dress in florals, stripes, geometric or plain.  What could be easier than putting on a one-piece outfit and avoiding the hassle of mixing and matching separates?  Read on for our favorite dress styles and ways to wear them.

The long, flowing maxi dress will take you from casual shopping at home to vacation shopping on a tropical island.  Maxi’s are feminine in any setting, from everyday wear to the beach and beyond.

And how about the versatile midi dress?  You’ll go from the workplace to weddings.  Try dressing it up.  Wear a pop of color in your high heel shoes or when you’re feeling casual, summer sandals are just the right touch.

A knee length dress is perfect for almost anyone and every occasion.

If you’re adventurous and brave, the mini dress will certainly catch the eye and can be worn everywhere and dressed up or down depending on your mood or the occasion. has all these lovely summer dresses to show you.  Come take a look.

Beautiful Plus Size Women’s Clothing Online

So, what does Plus Size mean anyway?   Does it mean sizes for the curvy girls, the full-figured girls, the curvaceous and voluptuous girls?  We’ve been around for a long, long time.  Now we are recognized, designed for and marketed to in our own category.  The fashion world has made room for all shapes and we’re excited to be included.  Today we can see clothing in our sizes being modeled by curvy girls who actually fit into the clothes they have on.   In years past we saw skinny girls modeling our size clothing.  Items we could only hope to stretch onto our shape if we pulled hard enough.

This pretty, plus-size top in a shade of orange will look beautiful and feel comfortable with any skirt or pant item you pair it with.  Keep it casual or accessorize for that festive look.

The plus-size pleated skirt can be worn several ways.  Pair it with a white blouse or jacket for daytime or a fancy lace top for after hours and you will be a hit wherever it takes you.

Want to shine?  We love the colorful, floral plus-size dress.  You’ll stand out either at a party or out on the town. can offer you many beautiful Plus Size items to compliment your style, giving you a flexible and beautiful wardrobe for any occasion.


The women’s clothing that you wear to work can have a huge impact on your career. It really is true that first impressions count and what you wear will not only affect how others treat you but also how you behave. Wearing the right clothes that we offer, can give you that edge in your work to get you noticed for the right reasons and build a professional image. Whether you are looking for promotion or just to be taken seriously in your current role, can offer you ladies fashion to your advantage to create stylish and business like outfits.

Some places of work have dress codes and it is always worth checking them out when starting a new job. If in doubt always dress in smarter ladies clothing, that way you will never make a bad impression and once you get an idea of what everyone else is wearing, you can adapt your dress accordingly.

For work, style is more important than women’s fashion. You should aim to base your outfit around classic styles of women’s clothing that look smart and polished, but you can also add a bit of fun with office blouses for ladies for an on trend look.

Casual Lace Tops Are Effortlessly Pretty

Everyone loves a hint of femininity in an outfit that will really turn heads. Lace tops allow you to add a pretty touch to your outfits and show off your feminine side. You don’t have to be practical all the time and a lace top is a nice departure from your everyday outfit that you might wear to the office or on the weekend. Switching it up with some lace is a nice way to show your flirty and feminine side.

Lace tops work well on everyone and they can be paired with everything from a skater skirt to a casual pair of jeans. Dress your lace top up for the office with a chic skirt or wear it underneath a blazer for a peek of delicate beauty. Casual tops of the lace kind are fun and they allow you to spice up your look for a night out and for work alike.

Dress your casual lace tops up with some heels and your favorite jewelry for going out, or wear one with your favorite pants for an effortlessly pretty office look. Lace tops come in all shapes and styles and we at Centsationals love pairing them with our favorite pieces and creating a look that suits our style perfectly. They can be as conservative or as flirty as you want them to be.


You won’t go wrong with a slim-fitting pencil skirt. Every woman should own at least one in a basic black color.

Pencil skirts for work should be a staple of your wardrobe.  This style of skirt is very flexible and versatile.  In the work setting, basic black is the color of choice, but certainly not a hard and fast rule these days.   They are available in many different types of fabric, colors, prints or stripes.   By changing your top, changing your shoes or pairing it with a jacket, you can find a way to utilize this skirt for a week’s worth of different variations.  It can be successfully worn with almost any type of top for a change of look.  If you are wearing a blouse or light sweater, by adding a jacket, you will have created a fashionable, professional business look.

You’ll find they are a hit outside of the office, too.  Wear your pencil skirts for work, but with a quick change of tops, shoes or accessories, you’ll always be in style and looking “right on” fashion-wise for a night on the town.

You’ll find them in a plethora of colors at, plus sizes, too.





Sweaters For Women Online

Wasn’t it yesterday that we were preparing for weekends on the beach, long, lazy days by the pool and afternoon barbecues?  Yet here we are; looking ahead to another seasonal change.  Are you yearning to trade in your lightweight summer pastels for the earth tones and textured fabrics of fall?  We’re loving the look and style of this grey sweater as we’re working hard to keep a vision of cool days and nights in our heads when the weather has been unusually hot.

It won’t be long until sweater weather will be upon us.  Remember the days of heading out to the orchard to pick apples, or climbing on a wagon and sitting on bales of hay, anxious to go for a long hayrack ride on a chilly night?  Reminds us of hot apple cider, candied apples, falling leaves and the smell of burning wood in the air.   Now I’m thinking about Halloween and all those pumpkins!  For cooler activities like these, sweaters are a must,  and it’s best to be prepared.  You’ll find everything you’re looking for in our catalog. has a wide selection of Sweaters For Women Online.  Join us and take a look at the various styles, textures and beautiful autumn colors you will find there.  We think you’ll love the cable design on these turtleneck sweaters.  Loose fitting, very comfortable and most of all, warm.




Affordable Purses For Sale

Women’s purses come in a mystifying array.  Big purses, small purses, messenger purses, crossbody purses.  If that isn’t enough, the latest trend is ankle bags.  What?  How do you choose?    Seems like we need several.  Different sizes to tote necessities on certain days and many colors to match our clothing.

Transferring one purse to another often starts out small, keeping only the most important items and discarding others that we wonder why or how they got in our purse in the first place.  But by the end of our busy day, the new purse is beginning to bulge with added necessities.

Why do we carry everything with us?  Some items in our purse we never take out or use, but we feel we need to have such things close.

Nevertheless, we love purses.  carries affordable purses for sale.