Spring is Here Just In Time To Find Summer Dresses At Centsationals.com

It’s time to add to or perk up your collection of Summer Dresses.  At Centsationals.com, we feel dresses are number one in the summertime.  We prefer dresses to two-piece outfits.  What could be easier than slipping into a dress rather than picking out a pair of capris or shorts and searching for a matching top?  A dress will always give you a finished look for work or play.

Anything goes with dresses.  Your choices include sleeveless, half sleeve or 3/4 sleeve.  A-line, pleated, full or pencil skirt.  Mini, midi or maxi lengths.   A dress is perfect for the office with a pair of heels and accessories that add a bit of color.  A simple change of shoes and accessories and you’re ready for a get together with friends, a casual date or shopping with the girls.

When looking for Summer Dresses we’re drawn to fabrics that provide comfort. Natural cotton is the most popular all-around favorite fabric for summer clothing.  Cotton fabrics can be silky or rough, smooth or textured, thick or sheer, indestructible or luxurious.  Variations of cotton fabrics offer much variety in color and texture in solids and prints.

Whether it is a new-to-you fashion or an old faithful style,  at Centsationals.com, we’re sure you will find a style that says “you” in our selection of  Summer Dresses.


Sleepwear For Women From Fancy And Glamorous To Casual and Comfortable

Pajamas, nightgowns, loungewear, robes.  What can be said about sleepwear that hasn’t already been said?  There’s plenty to think about though.  Does thinking about getting ready for sleep bring on boredom, or anticipation?  If the thought of putting on that comfy old camisole you’ve been wearing for years doesn’t perk you up, it’s time to rev up your sleepwear game.

There are times when comfort is the goal and that oversized tee-shirt will feel the best and help you snuggle in for a good night’s sleep.  There will be evenings when you want to feel a little glamorous and fancy.  Perhaps you want to please someone besides yourself, too.

Centsationals.com has much to show you in the way of Sleepwear for Women.   Our line of nighttime clothing includes shortie pajamas and long-legged pant pajamas, made from soft cotton,  silk or cotton/polyester fabrics in prints or lovely solid colors.   You will see nightgowns and robes in short lengths or long ankle lengths in solid colors with lace trim or printed fabrics.  We have whimsical styles, too, just for fun and ease of wear.   Warmer weather leads us to think about retiring our winter sleepwear and replacing it with lightweight,  luxury styles and fabrics to wear when it’s time for sleep or to lounge around in on those lazy mornings when we want coffee and the newspaper.  Come to Centsationals.com for your new sleepwear for women.

Women’s Blouses and Tops That Go From the Office, to Dinner or Casual Hanging Out

It’s time to give your wardrobe a boost with a fresh new look.  With warmer weather on the horizon, our thoughts naturally and gratefully turn to lighter clothing to replace the winter heavyweights we’ve been wearing.

Women’s blouses and tops are Number 1 on our shopping list.  Blouses hold the key to spring and summertime outfits.   Oh, the freedom chiffon or cotton blouses bring after the long months of sweaters.  What a wonderful feeling to be wearing T-shirts and shorts or capris again.

For the workplace, we want a polished and sophisticated look.  At Censationals.com, our selections include ruffles, lace, stripes, prints and solids in dress shirts that go well with slacks or pencil skirts for a professional look in the office.   We offer blouses that can do double duty. Our tops are so versatile that the same selection may go well for the office, brunch with the girls, a dinner date or casual hanging out.

For Women’s Blouses and Tops, be sure to check out Centsationals.com.  We have what you’re looking for to give a boost to your wardrobe.


Why to choose Duck down jacket

When the weather gets chilly, it is often a little more difficult to dress up because you want warmth and style. Usually, the most suitable jacket is one that suits both needs. In addition to style, you would also want something you can afford. You would want to meet that need without breaking the bank. A Duck down jacket is that jacket.

Basically, a down jacket is any jacket that is insulated with warm and soft feathers of duck or geese. A Duck down jacket is, therefore a down jacket made with (insulation) duck feathers. These jackets are great insulators. This is because the fluffiness (loft) of the feathers (down) creates thousands of air pockets. These air pockets trap warm air and retain heat, this way it keeps you warm.

A Duck down jacket is usually heavier than a Goose down jacket. It is, however, cheaper and more affordable. Convenience is also something that comes with this jacket. It allows you to stay warm and go about your activities in the cold without worries about the weather. For cool spring days, you will also find this jacket useful. To stay on top of your game, get your jacket ahead of the chilly days.

Retro Dresses Online Take You Back In Time And Let You Look Glamorous On Any Occasion

If your style is retro, reminiscent of the ’40s, ’50s or ’60s, Centsationals.com is here for you.  Perhaps retro styles only take the younger generation back to the ’70s, but for many of us, it brings to mind the excitement of wonderful shopping trips to department stores where one could spend the entire day.  Fancy dresses were displayed on mannequins, making the clothing look very glamorous and we always hoped that one of those glamorous dresses would end up in our wardrobe.

With online shopping available, buying a new dress may not be such an exciting event,  but it is easier and faster to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Retro clothing has been around for many years and we love the look of retro dresses online.  To be retro, dresses don’t have to be old, they are new but are made in the style of the ’40s, ’50s or ’60s.  Dresses in the 1950’s had a few basic types of skirts.  The shirtwaist had a gathered or tiny pleated bottom of the dress with buttons on the bodice to look like a shirt.  Or the bottom of the dress might resemble a pencil skirt.   Those were great dresses for work where you needed to look professional and efficient.   Any of these dresses could be stylishly worn on dates, to work at the office, or on casual outings, plus mom usually wore a dress at home.   Today, we’re more comfortable in shirts and jeans.  In retro days, women wore dresses every day. 

Come see what Centsationals.com has to offer in the style of retro dresses online.


There’s Still Time to Add a Few Knitted Wool Beanies to Your Array of Hats

Even though winter is trying to make an exit, we can count on more cool weather ahead.  Living in the Midwest, we know that the first day of spring doesn’t really mean the cold weather is gone for good.  Sometimes we wonder if winter will ever come to an end.

Cute knitted wool beanies are always a welcome addition to our winter and sometimes spring coat wardrobe and are usually the first thing we reach for when we head outdoors.  Not only do beanies keep our heads warm, they look cute, too.  And for our ladies with ponytails, we have beanies with a hole in the top especially for your ponytail to slip through.  No more matted ponytails.  Some beanies offer a larger hole in the top to accommodate other updo hairstyles and buns.

Censationals.com has a wonderful line of winter and spring hats to offer.  We like to keep a few  beanies in our cold weather bin, along with scarves and gloves, so when we’re headed outdoors and want to grab our head cover in a hurry, we know where to look first.

Centsationals.com offers knitted wool beanies in a wide variety of colors.  We know you will find a beanie in a color that will surely suit you.


Women’s Plus Size Clothing is One Of Our Specialties at Centsationals

Our wish for every woman is that she has confidence enough to be comfortable with her body.  Whether large or small, short or tall, clothing goes a long way towards helping us appreciate our unique shape and size.

There’s no doubt we are not all created equal.  But each of us is beautiful in our own way and each of us needs to feel that.  In the past, we may have had to settle for clothing that was perhaps drab and not always complimentary, just the best we could find.  That was then and today there is a line of clothing designed solely for the plus size figure.  Clothing that allows us to look as fabulous on the outside as we feel on the inside.

Plus size clothing is designed with your shape and size in mind.   You can fill your wardrobe with clothing that fits every need and occasion from casual for a trip to the park or the zoo, to elegant and glamorous for a special date night with your best guy.   You can find workplace clothing that allows you to look as efficient as you feel.  You can find swimsuits, or even a bikini, for a day at the beach knowing you look your best and definitely won’t be sitting under an umbrella draped in a towel.  You’ll be playing on the beach and making memories with your family.   Sleepwear can be pretty or plain, worn for lounging on a lazy day or to bed feeling warm, cozy and beautiful.

Whatever you need, you can find in plus size at Centsationals.com.  We would love to have you take a look.  Don’t forget to look us up on Pinterest.


So Many Women’s Blouses and Tops to Choose From that You Can Find One to Wear for Every Occasion

Blouses and tops are the most versatile items in your closet.  We love to shop for women’s blouses and tops. When we’re lucky enough to find a blouse that fits us perfectly and makes us feel confident, we may buy more than one of the same style,  in different colors.  The trick is to find enough room in your wardrobe for all the blouses you would like to have.   Blouses can make any skirt or pant look elegant and glamorous.  Or they can make the same skirt or pant look casual and fun.

There are so many different styles; short sleeve, long sleeve,  boat neck, v-neck, tuck in, leave out.   Many kinds of fabrics are available now from easy-care cotton to synthetics and silks in various colors and shades.

One pair of jeans, a favorite pair of slacks or a single skirt can become the basis for a myriad of different outfits.  A beautiful silk blouse and skirt or slacks can take you to dinner at a glamorous restaurant. The same slacks and a colorful polyester blouse will be just right for the office.   A pair of jeans and a fun T-shirt top will make you feel right at home at the ball game.  The mix and match outfits are endless.

Shop online at Censationals.com for women’s blouses and tops you’ll love.



Socks For Women Are A Necessity In Winter Months And All Year Long

We Midwesterners experienced a not-unexpected blizzard on Saturday.  Tons of snow fell and the wind whistled by our windows and doors.  Long icicles formed beneath the gutters.  The snowfall was beautiful, but we knew it meant we would be shoveling out from underneath deep snow drifts on Sunday.

Before we put on boots and grabbed the snow shovel, we made sure we had good socks on our feet to keep them warm and dry.

When we’re not shoveling snow, cute socks are fun to wear and we’ve become accustomed to seeing others wearing bright, flashy socks or socks with a message or even mismatched socks.  We’re not always a big fan of wearing socks that don’t match, but if we gave it a try, it would save a lot of time not having to pair up socks on laundry day.

But cute or the latest fad isn’t everything.   Our feet need socks for other reasons.  Socks protect the inside of shoes from sweaty feet.  They help prevent bacteria from forming in our shoes, which can cause an unpleasant odor.  Socks also provide some padding and extra cushion for our weary feet.

Are you looking for low-cut, no-show socks to wear with sneakers or knee-highs with loafers and short skirts?  You’ll find all kinds of socks for women at Centsationals.com.  Come take a look.  We look forward to seeing you there.



office blouses for ladies for a sophisticated look

Upgrade your status at work with a professional wardrobe that’s sure to impress. However, nothing can beat office blouses for ladies when it comes to business outfits. They are wardrobe essential for every working woman out there. The office blouses for ladies create a business style that balances both femininity and professionalism. These fresh pieces look clean, classy and sophisticated.

Depending on your preferences and the style you look for, you can choose from a wide array of office blouses for ladies. There are available in different, colors, heights and patterns. From long to short lengths, to plain and colorful designs, you can select that one that pleases you the most and go with your styled frame. In fact there are many ways you can style the office blouses for ladies. Depending on the occasion and the event, style the office blouse for ladies in a put together look that will make you look fabulous and chic.

Make your weekdays better by pairing an office blouse for ladies with a nice polished skirt, jeans or black trousers for a perfect finish. Office blouse for ladies are usually made with soft silky crepe fabric treated by non toxin dye, skin friendly on your skin. Depending on your taste and preferences, stick to the color pattern that you find yourself more comfortable in and go for it. However if you are the bold type, brightly colored pattern are highly recommended to spice up your style. It will definitely give you added style points.