Attractive Women’s Scarves and Hats We Like For The Cold Fall and Winter Weather

Looking for the perfect hat or scarf for the autumn and winter season?  We are too.  Besides keeping loss of body heat to a minimum, there’s a plethora of attractive hats and scarves to choose from that add flair to a jacket or coat.  We love hats.  But we don’t love what they can do to our hair, leaving it flat, dry and flying in all directions from static.  Here are some steps you can take to avoid those dreaded hat head days.  First, plan your hairstyle.  For beanies and close fitting hats, wear your hair down, or in braids.  Avoid up-dos that will only get flattened from wearing that lovely hat.   Although you can find hats that accommodate a ponytail.   A trick that helps with static is to rub a dryer sheet on your hair before donning that pretty hat and heading out.

That said, we don’t plan to give up our hats.  They keep our heads warm and us comfortable, plus they add a bit of style.

Scarves are an added luxury.   Along with keeping your neck warm, use them to add a pop of color to your outfit.  Match them to your coat and hat or select a pretty contrasting color and off you go.  Take a look at what has to offer in our line of Women’s Scarves and Hats.  You won’t be disappointed.


Trendy Sleepwear For Women – Look and Feel Good in Bed

Do you carry fashion to bed?  Do you think about comfort vs. elegance? Silky satin gown or flannel pajamas?   Looking to impress a sleep partner?  How about cozy loungewear for those lazy Sunday mornings spent with a cup of coffee and the Sunday paper?  It could be time to upgrade your nighttime duds.

Ladies, when we sleep, we may want to wear something comfortable, most preferably, something loose fitting or short; something that in the morning will not make us look and feel we have spent the night wrestling an alligator.  Oftentimes, the choice is pajamas.  However, some PJ’s are made of flannel or fleece and can make the wearer feel uncomfortably hot at times.  Thankfully, there have been some modified versions such as satin and see-through pajamas.

Remember those cold nights, well, nothing beats pajamas or a long Tee shirt or jersey, wool socks and a cup of hot cocoa.  At you will find comfort, elegance, cute, sexy, silky and even cartoon characters, all in our Sleepwear for Women section.



Skirts For Women For Work and Play

Your comfort zone is jeans, capris or shorts?  We at hope that skirts will become your new comfort zone.   It wasn’t that long ago when we used to feel skirts were only worn for the office or special occasions and that we would feel self-conscious and overdressed wearing them on a normal day.  Now we know that skirts are appropriate in any situation and you will feel your best dressed and perhaps a little more feminine.  Skirts can be just the right thing for casual dates, shopping or an outing with the kids as our usual habit of wearing jeans.  All you need to do is to wear them in a more casual style.   Pick the right top or blouse for the occasion and add a sweater, jacket or blazer and you’ll be on your way to a fun day or evening out.

Look through our selection of  Skirts for Women at With us you will find pleats, pencil, maxi, midi, the retro circle skirts,  prints, solid colors and more.  We would love to have you come and see what we have to offer.  We think you’ll be pleased at what you will find there.


The Women’s Turtleneck Sweater Designed With You In Mind

Turtleneck sweater weather is on the horizon and we love it.  It’s time to dig in the closet and pull those skinny or loose-knitted turtlenecks to the front.  They’re great for work or play.  A cozy turtleneck feels so warm and comfortable under a long shirt or sweater on a cool night outdoors.  We wear those loosely knit turtlenecks alone or over skirts, jeans or slacks, and even some leggings look good matched with one.  In the office, we like to wear the skinny turtlenecks or the sleeveless ones under a dark colored blazer for that professional look.  Layered under blouses, blazers, jumpers, pullover sweaters,  or tucked into jeans, you’ll look smart and feel that way too.

Do you or don’t you wear jewelry with a turtleneck?  Do you think it is a bit much to wear a necklace with a high neck sweater?  We say not at all.  Accessories, such as a long draped necklace, look lovely at the neck of a pullover.

We’re in love with our turtlenecks and we think you will be too.  Let show you what it has to offer in the way of that cozy Women’s Turtleneck Sweater.  We think you’ll love what you find.





You Will Love Our Beachwear for Women

We love dreaming of lazy days spent on the beach or by the pool, but sometimes the thought of putting on a skimpy bathing suit keeps us from enjoying the thing we love.  Not anymore. Don’t spend the last days of summer sitting on the sidelines because you think your shape isn’t good enough.  Learn to like yourself, no matter your body type, because you are unique.  There’s nobody quite like you, so get into that suit.  Jump into the water.  Play with your kids.  Hunt for shells or sea glass.  Make memories.  No matter your shape or size, has a flattering, functional and stylish bathing suit to make you feel good about yourself.

Begin by deciding what type of swim suit you like.  Want to try something different?  How about the high-neck, sporty tankini.  The forever popular one-piece suits are easy to wear and very pretty.  And for the adventurous, the bikini comes in all sizes, shapes and colors.  The selection of beachwear for women is endless and fun to explore and comes in plus sizes also.

There’s some summer left.  Let’s enjoy it.  Join us at  We’re sure you will find an item or two in our swim suit section that will bring a smile to your face and inspire you to plan your next fun day at the beach or pool.