Push Up Bras Give The Wearer A Feminine Silhouette

Push up bras are the answer to a lady’s dreams.   They help you feel and look feminine and glamorous.  The construction lifts the breasts upward and together, creating cleavage and offering a pleasing silhouette.   The lower cut of a push up bra,  the padding and the angled cup design accomplishes this effect and can increase the bust size one full cup.  Women with a smaller breast size may prefer this type of bra. The padding at the bottom and sides of the bra offers good support and pushes the bust up higher.  If you want more lift, you can look for a bra with more padding.  You can decide how much or how little padding you prefer.

When purchasing a push up bra, it is important to know your correct size.  A push up bra looks especially good when worn with a plunging neckline, a low cut dress or shirt where the top of a regular bra might show.  Wearing it under a T-shirt will give you a more rounded form and since they are generally seamless,  there are no distracting seam lines showing on the outer garment.

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