There’s Still Time to Add a Few Knitted Wool Beanies to Your Array of Hats

Even though winter is trying to make an exit, we can count on more cool weather ahead.  Living in the Midwest, we know that the first day of spring doesn’t really mean the cold weather is gone for good.  Sometimes we wonder if winter will ever come to an end.

Cute knitted wool beanies are always a welcome addition to our winter and sometimes spring coat wardrobe and are usually the first thing we reach for when we head outdoors.  Not only do beanies keep our heads warm, they look cute, too.  And for our ladies with ponytails, we have beanies with a hole in the top especially for your ponytail to slip through.  No more matted ponytails.  Some beanies offer a larger hole in the top to accommodate other updo hairstyles and buns. has a wonderful line of winter and spring hats to offer.  We like to keep a few  beanies in our cold weather bin, along with scarves and gloves, so when we’re headed outdoors and want to grab our head cover in a hurry, we know where to look first. offers knitted wool beanies in a wide variety of colors.  We know you will find a beanie in a color that will surely suit you.


Designer Scarves Come In All Shapes, Sizes, Colors and Patterns And Can Be Worn In Every Season Of The Year

 Scarves!  Scarves!  Scarves!  We love them.   Bright colors.  Pretty prints.  Solids.  In the spring and summer, they are worn for fashion.  Fall and winter are the perfect seasons to wear them for warmth, along with accenting our wardrobe.   Scarves add color or patterns to perk up any outfit that may need an added touch of something to help it stand out.  Isn’t it amazing how one scarf can be worn a dozen or more ways?

Scarves are available in many shapes and sizes.  Happiness is when you find one and fall in love with it.  After selecting a shape, we are then faced with how to tie it.

 How to tie a scarf can be a mystery in itself.  We can learn by experimenting by ourselves or having a friend in the know teach us.  Better yet,  we can search out and study videos made by the scarf experts and then practice in front of a mirror to decide which ties are most useful and look best on us and our clothing.

We would love for you to come to and pick one or two out for yourself.   The perfect designer scarves for you can be found there.  Come take a look.  We think you’ll like what you see.

Attractive Women’s Scarves and Hats We Like For The Cold Fall and Winter Weather

Looking for the perfect hat or scarf for the autumn and winter season?  We are too.  Besides keeping loss of body heat to a minimum, there’s a plethora of attractive hats and scarves to choose from that add flair to a jacket or coat.  We love hats.  But we don’t love what they can do to our hair, leaving it flat, dry and flying in all directions from static.  Here are some steps you can take to avoid those dreaded hat head days.  First, plan your hairstyle.  For beanies and close fitting hats, wear your hair down, or in braids.  Avoid up-dos that will only get flattened from wearing that lovely hat.   Although you can find hats that accommodate a ponytail.   A trick that helps with static is to rub a dryer sheet on your hair before donning that pretty hat and heading out.

That said, we don’t plan to give up our hats.  They keep our heads warm and us comfortable, plus they add a bit of style.

Scarves are an added luxury.   Along with keeping your neck warm, use them to add a pop of color to your outfit.  Match them to your coat and hat or select a pretty contrasting color and off you go.  Take a look at what has to offer in our line of Women’s Scarves and Hats.  You won’t be disappointed.


Put Together Your Head-Turning Looks This Season With Women’s Scarves And Hats

There is always something alluring about a great scarf or a pretty hat on a woman. No matter what season it is, we at Centsationals love to wear all kinds of women’s scarves and hats! They are that little touch of something extra that always adds to your style and showcases your beautiful and unique personality. Now that the warmer seasons are here, we have been enjoying stepping out in pretty sun hats, beanies, caps, and the like.

Whether you are on a refreshing hike or you want to look cute for a night out in the city, scarves and hats are always a great choice. You surely will get lots of compliments if you find a great scarf or a nice hat to go with your pretty outfits. A scarf or a hat gives anyone some stand-out style and playing with different hairstyles and outfits makes these accessories even more fun.

We are excited to let a ponytail peek out from underneath a colorful bandana or to wear a light scarf to add some sophistication to a pretty summer dress or blouse. There are so many ways to wear women’s scarves and hats all year long and we at Centsationals can’t wait to help you put together your head-turning looks this season!