Elegant vintage skirts for sale

You might want to ask what is so particular about vintage that makes everyone love them and can break the bank to have one. I would say it has to do with their style, which is so unique that we can’t stop until we own a vintage product. Granted, your wardrobe cannot be complete unless you add a vintage skirt for sale to it. They make you feel your best no matter what life throws at you and despite where you spend your day.

So, whether you are preparing for a board meeting or planning a beach trip you can choose from our vintage skirts for sale. Vintage skirts come in different patterns – plaid, floral and peach blossom quality skirts – carefully hand-picked to ensure you look amazing. Furthermore, you can choose from our easy-to-match vintage skirt colors and standout shades that will earn you compliments.

Next, vintage skirts for sale come in different sizes, lengths and styles. Lastly, once you have made up your mind on the styles and designs of vintage skirts for sale you want to buy, kindly visit our website and make your selection. But note that pencil skirts are a staple for any business or casual wardrobe and they come in different variety of shades.

A Quick Rundown On Skirts For Women

Skirts for women are a staple in every wardrobe. They’re flexible and fashionable items that you can mix and match with different tops, and with the right style, can easily transition from daytime to night time wear. But what skirts must you have in your beauty and fashion and arsenal?

You’re probably wondering what Skirts for women to buy and what would best fit your personal sense of fashion. Basically, there are over 30 different types of skirts to choose from; let’s give you a few examples to help you decide what to buy. You have your A-line skirts that are works and looks great on many body types including hourglass and curvy. There’s also the draped skirt if you want to contour your body through your clothes. The gypsy skirt for that added flare. The skater skirt if you’re going for a fun and funky look. And the tutu that can help you add volume below your waistline.

Different skirts for women fit different body types, but don’t let that dictate what you should and shouldn’t wear. As long as it makes you feel comfortable and confident – you’re wearing it right!

We Have Vintage Skirts For Sale That Go From The Work Day To Date Night

In 2019,  styles from the 1920’s to 2000’s are considered vintage.  Everything old is new again if you wait long enough.  We’re excited to see women wearing vintage skirts, proving that our love of vintage clothing is always in style.  With TV shows like Mad Men and a few others, we are reminded of fashions of the 1960’s and before.   Many of today’s fashions show the old-fashioned high waists and we like the belted look that goes along with it.   Skirts of that day were narrow and down to mid-calf, like today’s midi, or had pleats at the waistline or flare at the bottom.  Circle skirts were the thing.  Tops were always tucked into the waistband.

Long narrow skirts are perfect for the work day,  helping you look tidy and efficient.  Pleated skirts or skirts that are flared at the bottom are perfect for date night.  Pleated or flared skirts also look stylish and are comfortable enough for everyday wear whether you are out shopping or meeting friends for lunch.

Accessorizing your look is fun.  Adding a necklace and bracelets in a contrasting color is a good way to bring attention to your outfit.  Shoes in the same color as your accessories will be an added eye catcher.

Centsationals.com has a wide selection of vintage skirts for sale that we think you will like.  Come take a look.  We’ll meet you there.


Pencil skirts for work: Wardrobe staple for every working woman

Upgrade your status at work with a professional wardrobe that’s sure to impress. However, nothing can beat women pencil skirts for work. They are wardrobe essential for every working woman out there. The pencil skirts for work create a business style that balances both femininity and professionalism. These fresh pieces look clean, classy and sophisticated.

Depending on your preferences and the style you look for, you can choose from a wide array of pencil skirts for work. There are available in different, colors, heights and patterns. From mini to midi lengths, to high wasted or plaid skirts, you can select that one that pleases you the most and go with your styled frame. In fact there are many ways you can style the pencil skirts for work. Depending on the occasion and the event, style your skirt in a put together look that will make you look fabulous and chic.

Make your weekdays better by pairing pencil skirts for work with a nice polished little not too much oversized blazer or blouse for a perfect finish. Depending on your taste and preferences, stick to the color pattern that you find yourself more comfortable in and go for it. However if you are the bold type, brightly colored pattern are highly recommended to spice up your style. It will definitely give you added style points.

A Pleated Skirt Will Take You Anywhere You Want To Go

What’s the one article of clothing your closet cannot do without?  If you guessed a pleated skirt, you would be right.  A pleated skirt is an old, old standby that always looks good in any setting.  As far back as we can remember, pleated skirts have been in style.  They are a go-to when you don’t want to wear jeans or slacks, but still want to look casual.  They can be worn with sneakers or dressed up with pumps.  They’re great for the office on a workday, too.   We like to wear a pleated skirt with a soft tee-top or a casual blouse.  A pullover sweater would be nice, too.

Back in high school,  our one pleated skirt was white and worn with care so no dirt or grime would touch it.   We paired it with a green plaid jacket-type top.  How stylish we felt.

We could do the same today and still make a fashion statement and not in any way look dated.  The pleated skirt has come a long way, baby.  A pleated skirt used to bring to mind a school uniform and in some ways they still do, but they have moved back into the mainstream.   We could say they never really left.   Short, medium or long, it doesn’t matter.  Put on a nice top, dressy or casual, and you’re good to go no matter what destination you have in mind.  Centsationals.com can show you a versatile pleated skirt, and a fashion top to go with it.  Swing on over and pick one out.

Skirts For Women For Work and Play

Your comfort zone is jeans, capris or shorts?  We at Centsationals.com hope that skirts will become your new comfort zone.   It wasn’t that long ago when we used to feel skirts were only worn for the office or special occasions and that we would feel self-conscious and overdressed wearing them on a normal day.  Now we know that skirts are appropriate in any situation and you will feel your best dressed and perhaps a little more feminine.  Skirts can be just the right thing for casual dates, shopping or an outing with the kids as our usual habit of wearing jeans.  All you need to do is to wear them in a more casual style.   Pick the right top or blouse for the occasion and add a sweater, jacket or blazer and you’ll be on your way to a fun day or evening out.

Look through our selection of  Skirts for Women at Centsationals.com. With us you will find pleats, pencil, maxi, midi, the retro circle skirts,  prints, solid colors and more.  We would love to have you come and see what we have to offer.  We think you’ll be pleased at what you will find there.



You won’t go wrong with a slim-fitting pencil skirt. Every woman should own at least one in a basic black color.

Pencil skirts for work should be a staple of your wardrobe.  This style of skirt is very flexible and versatile.  In the work setting, basic black is the color of choice, but certainly not a hard and fast rule these days.   They are available in many different types of fabric, colors, prints or stripes.   By changing your top, changing your shoes or pairing it with a jacket, you can find a way to utilize this skirt for a week’s worth of different variations.  It can be successfully worn with almost any type of top for a change of look.  If you are wearing a blouse or light sweater, by adding a jacket, you will have created a fashionable, professional business look.

You’ll find they are a hit outside of the office, too.  Wear your pencil skirts for work, but with a quick change of tops, shoes or accessories, you’ll always be in style and looking “right on” fashion-wise for a night on the town.

You’ll find them in a plethora of colors at Centsationals.com, plus sizes, too.