Sleepwear For Women From Fancy And Glamorous To Casual and Comfortable

Pajamas, nightgowns, loungewear, robes.  What can be said about sleepwear that hasn’t already been said?  There’s plenty to think about though.  Does thinking about getting ready for sleep bring on boredom, or anticipation?  If the thought of putting on that comfy old camisole you’ve been wearing for years doesn’t perk you up, it’s time to rev up your sleepwear game.

There are times when comfort is the goal and that oversized tee-shirt will feel the best and help you snuggle in for a good night’s sleep.  There will be evenings when you want to feel a little glamorous and fancy.  Perhaps you want to please someone besides yourself, too. has much to show you in the way of Sleepwear for Women.   Our line of nighttime clothing includes shortie pajamas and long-legged pant pajamas, made from soft cotton,  silk or cotton/polyester fabrics in prints or lovely solid colors.   You will see nightgowns and robes in short lengths or long ankle lengths in solid colors with lace trim or printed fabrics.  We have whimsical styles, too, just for fun and ease of wear.   Warmer weather leads us to think about retiring our winter sleepwear and replacing it with lightweight,  luxury styles and fabrics to wear when it’s time for sleep or to lounge around in on those lazy mornings when we want coffee and the newspaper.  Come to for your new sleepwear for women.

Slip Into A Smooth Satin Nightgown In The Evening and Awake Relaxed and Refreshed

What we love about satin is how it feels against our skin.   It feels absolutely luxurious and cool to the touch.  It’s perfect for warm summer nights or cool winter evenings.  It keeps you warm when you’re cold and cool when you’re hot.

Satin is a smooth, glossy fabric that we tend to think is made of silk.  Other fabrics, such as nylon, rayon,  polyester and cotton may be used.   It’s the specific weave of the fabric that creates the wonderfully smooth, glossy finish on the outside and the dull finish on the inside.

Nothing feels better than slipping into a soft, luxurious satin nightgown.  It’s the perfect beginning to a wonderful, relaxing night’s sleep.  You will wake relaxed and ready for the day after sleeping all night in cool, satin smooth comfort.

At, we think you will find a satin nightgown you can fall in love with.  Come take a look.  We think you will like what you find.


Enjoy your sleeping with ladies sleep dresses

Having a good night sleep means having the right sleep wear to choose from. Many ladies prefer something comfortable and fashionable in the same time even on their way to sleep. They want to feel and look beautiful everywhere and at any time. The ladies sleep dresses are something to consider if you want something that will accentuate your femininity.

Ladies sleep dresses will make your night wears stand apart. They are super comfortable to lounge in whether you are going to sleep or just to relax. Depending on our preferences, you can choose between short dresses or flowing long ones. The delicate accents will definitely give you an added elegance to your sleepwear line.

However, it is very important to choose the right fabrics and material for ladies sleep wears. You still want something comfortable, lightweight and breathable. You might want to consider materials including high quality cotton and with moisture wicking properties. This will make your skin stay dry even when you are sweating. Remember, you need something that will keep you warm and not overheated. You don’t need heavy fabrics that will make you sweat a lot and make it impossible to absorb it.

Get Cozy and Comfortable in Soft Cotton Pajama Sets That Help You Sleep and Dream Better

Lounging around the house in your soft, cotton pajamas is something we wish we could do more often.   Think about lazy Sunday mornings reading the paper, coffee in your favorite cup, or night time in front of the fireplace.  It paints a pretty picture.

It’s news to us, but, apparently, P.J.’s aren’t limited to the bedroom.  Some daring souls wear them outside of the house these days.  They take their P.J. obsession to the beach or they do their shopping wearing P.J.’s.   Goodness!   That said, we feel if you find  pajamas that make you feel they were made for more than lounging or sleeping, and you get the urge to meet your friends wearing them, we say “Well, okay then!”

Getting back to the real reason for pajamas.   We wear them all year round, but Fall is almost our favorite season for staying in and getting comfortable.  Colder nights call for cozy, soft and comfortable pajamas and hot apple cider.  There’s something special about climbing into bed in a brand new pair of soft, cozy pajamas, knowing they will keep us toasty all night long. has a wonderful selection of affordable, soft cotton pajama sets.  Pajamas aren’t just for kids.  We big kids love them, too.  Christmas is the favorite pajama giving time of the year. wants to let you know you don’t have to wait for Christmas to buy a lovely new pair.




Trendy Sleepwear For Women – Look and Feel Good in Bed

Do you carry fashion to bed?  Do you think about comfort vs. elegance? Silky satin gown or flannel pajamas?   Looking to impress a sleep partner?  How about cozy loungewear for those lazy Sunday mornings spent with a cup of coffee and the Sunday paper?  It could be time to upgrade your nighttime duds.

Ladies, when we sleep, we may want to wear something comfortable, most preferably, something loose fitting or short; something that in the morning will not make us look and feel we have spent the night wrestling an alligator.  Oftentimes, the choice is pajamas.  However, some PJ’s are made of flannel or fleece and can make the wearer feel uncomfortably hot at times.  Thankfully, there have been some modified versions such as satin and see-through pajamas.

Remember those cold nights, well, nothing beats pajamas or a long Tee shirt or jersey, wool socks and a cup of hot cocoa.  At you will find comfort, elegance, cute, sexy, silky and even cartoon characters, all in our Sleepwear for Women section.



Sleepwear For Women Doesn’t Have To Be Frumpy And Boring!

A woman should enjoy her evening relaxation without feeling like she just put on a bag over her body. Long gone are the days when sleepwear was baggy and shapeless. Today, there are numerous styles to choose from so that you can feel cozy and stylish! Feast your eyes on the style options that you have on our website including a silk spaghetti strap nightgown, a curve-hugging cotton nightgown, or even a baby doll lace night dress.

Throw your old and torn-up pajamas away and slip into something alluring and comfortable. We at Centsationals are bringing you so many fabulous options so that you can enjoy sipping your evening cup of tea or reading under the glow of a table lamp in style. Don’t let the weather stop you from finding something you will get complimented on either!

During these hot summer months, a silk strapless nightgown is a beautiful way to enjoy a peaceful nighttime atmosphere without getting sweaty and sticky. When the winter gets here, slip on a soft cotton pajama set in a fun pattern and be cozy and cute as you sip hot cocoa and get ready to relax the busy day away. We are excited to help you find sleepwear for women that your significant other will definitely notice!