Socks For Women Are A Necessity In Winter Months And All Year Long

We Midwesterners experienced a not-unexpected blizzard on Saturday.  Tons of snow fell and the wind whistled by our windows and doors.  Long icicles formed beneath the gutters.  The snowfall was beautiful, but we knew it meant we would be shoveling out from underneath deep snow drifts on Sunday.

Before we put on boots and grabbed the snow shovel, we made sure we had good socks on our feet to keep them warm and dry.

When we’re not shoveling snow, cute socks are fun to wear and we’ve become accustomed to seeing others wearing bright, flashy socks or socks with a message or even mismatched socks.  We’re not always a big fan of wearing socks that don’t match, but if we gave it a try, it would save a lot of time not having to pair up socks on laundry day.

But cute or the latest fad isn’t everything.   Our feet need socks for other reasons.  Socks protect the inside of shoes from sweaty feet.  They help prevent bacteria from forming in our shoes, which can cause an unpleasant odor.  Socks also provide some padding and extra cushion for our weary feet.

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Happy Socks for Women Will Keep Your Feet Warm

Who invented socks?  We don’t know the answer to that, but we do know socks go a long way back, all the way to B.C.  In the beginning, socks were hand knitted of scratchy wool and were worn by the rich as a status symbol.   Thankfully, socks for women have come a long way since then and now your socks are made out of all kinds of materials and come in all styles imaginable. has colorful socks, fun socks, trendy socks, fad socks, novelty socks and dressy socks.  You will find what you want with us.

Some days you may want socks whose only job is to keep your feet warm.  Other days, you want style.  Still other times you may be looking for dressy socks to spice up an outfit.  Not so many years ago the fad was to wear mismatched socks; a different color sock on each foot.  The point of that fad must have been to eliminate the task of searching for a mate for that one lonely sock without one that can be found in every sock drawer.

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Before the 1920’s, socks, if they were even worn, were only for warmth. In pioneer days, modern women of that era wore long johns underneath their dresses. In the 40’s, film producers had an inspiration and stockings were sewn to the briefs of actresses and dancers. Ah, the forerunner of the original pantyhose.

Later came nylons which had a definite black seam down the back of the leg. Always a hassle those seams. A common question was “Are my seams straight?” Pantyhose as we know it came along in 1959 and the world was suddenly a better place and a necessity when mini-skirts followed, with hem lines up to mid-thigh.

Are you looking for fashionable women’s tights and hosiery to complement a certain look? Or you may be looking for something humorous in socks for women, socks that make a funny statement.  Perhaps you need just the right finishing touch for your outfit for the day or evening, whether it is dress up or casual.   There are many styles and ways to accessorize lower body limbs with women’s socks, tights and hosiery.  At you will find a wide selection of women’s socks, tights and hosiery in various patterns and colors to compliment any outfit.