Pencil Skirts for Work and Play

We love pencil skirts. In fact, pencil skirts for work may be our favorite article of clothing for the office.  Pencil skirts should have a place in every woman’s wardrobe.  They are suitable for any situation and they never go out of fashion. The pencil skirt can have various types of cut, fabric, fit, length, and hemline. They must have been designed with the working girl in mind.  Worn in the office, not only will you be efficient, you will look efficient.  They are so comfortable to wear and look great.  Wear it to work, then add an accessory, perhaps a short jacket over your fancy blouse, and you are ready for a night out.

We hope you won’t limit yourself to wearing a pencil skirt to only the office.  They are truly one of the most versatile pieces of clothing you can have in your closet, and more than one in the closet would be ideal.  They are perfect anywhere you go.  So flattering to every figure type.  Basic black is universal and what you may think of when you hear the words pencil skirt, however, you can find these skirts in many colors, fabrics and even prints.   The printed or flowery styles are perfect for summer.  High waisted, or empire waist, skirts are in style today.  You may like the high waist but we still offer the natural waistline skirt.

Centsationals offers a variety of pencil skirts for work.  You will find them in our catalog online and at Pinterest.  Come take a look.


Let Us Be Your Go To Store For Boots and Shoes Online


This latest winter storm is piling up knee-high snowdrifts, reminding us that we need those fur-lined snow boots we’ve been putting off buying.  We don’t advise stepping outside wearing  sneakers in this kind of weather.  You’ll sink up to your ankles or knees in white stuff.  There are a few snow bunnies among us who love this time of the year, and once we get our boots, we can love it too.   There are so many fun things to do in winter, like build a snowman or two, go sledding, make snow angels, go downhill skiing or cross country skiing or shovel the driveway.

However, maybe you’re not a fan of wintry outdoor adventures and you simply want to get around town on snow-cleared sidewalks.  If so, every-day shoes might do just fine. has sneakers and loafers, too.

Wintery weather doesn’t mean we give up wearing our pretty shoes.  There are occasions that demand a little elegance in our choice of footwear.  How about winter weddings or anniversary parties or fancy birthday parties.  Any occasion can be a reason for us to choose shoes that add that special touch to a beautiful outfit, making us look and feel our very best.   At you can find a myriad of boots and shoes online.    Visit our site.  We’ll meet you there.



At Our Website You Can Find Vintage Skirts For Sale Online

Ah, vintage skirts bring back memories of days gone by, of comfort and especially femininity.  The 1940’s fashions, for example, featured a high waistband to emphasize the waist, which is true of a lot of skirts making a comeback today.  Often the skirts are flared at the bottom or offer fullness at the hemline or pleats at the top.  A-line skirts are comfortable and always figure flattering.  Plaids are popular again, especially tartan plaid.  We see a lot of pencil skirts, too.  That old saying “Everything Old Is New Again” holds true as far as vintage skirts are concerned.  We love the look for the office, for play or just everyday wear.  Remember the high school gym and circle skirts? They’re more the 50’s style, and everybody we knew had at least one.  They were great for sock hops.  Midcalf length meant you were keeping up with current styles.  You see all of those fashions and more today.

Don’t be left behind.  Get onboard the vintage train. has vintage skirts for sale online.  Come take a look.  We think you will like what we have to offer.