Spring is Here Just In Time To Find Summer Dresses At Centsationals.com

It’s time to add to or perk up your collection of Summer Dresses.  At Centsationals.com, we feel dresses are number one in the summertime.  We prefer dresses to two-piece outfits.  What could be easier than slipping into a dress rather than picking out a pair of capris or shorts and searching for a matching top?  A dress will always give you a finished look for work or play.

Anything goes with dresses.  Your choices include sleeveless, half sleeve or 3/4 sleeve.  A-line, pleated, full or pencil skirt.  Mini, midi or maxi lengths.   A dress is perfect for the office with a pair of heels and accessories that add a bit of color.  A simple change of shoes and accessories and you’re ready for a get together with friends, a casual date or shopping with the girls.

When looking for Summer Dresses we’re drawn to fabrics that provide comfort. Natural cotton is the most popular all-around favorite fabric for summer clothing.  Cotton fabrics can be silky or rough, smooth or textured, thick or sheer, indestructible or luxurious.  Variations of cotton fabrics offer much variety in color and texture in solids and prints.

Whether it is a new-to-you fashion or an old faithful style,  at Centsationals.com, we’re sure you will find a style that says “you” in our selection of  Summer Dresses.


Retro Dresses Online Take You Back In Time And Let You Look Glamorous On Any Occasion

If your style is retro, reminiscent of the ’40s, ’50s or ’60s, Centsationals.com is here for you.  Perhaps retro styles only take the younger generation back to the ’70s, but for many of us, it brings to mind the excitement of wonderful shopping trips to department stores where one could spend the entire day.  Fancy dresses were displayed on mannequins, making the clothing look very glamorous and we always hoped that one of those glamorous dresses would end up in our wardrobe.

With online shopping available, buying a new dress may not be such an exciting event,  but it is easier and faster to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Retro clothing has been around for many years and we love the look of retro dresses online.  To be retro, dresses don’t have to be old, they are new but are made in the style of the ’40s, ’50s or ’60s.  Dresses in the 1950’s had a few basic types of skirts.  The shirtwaist had a gathered or tiny pleated bottom of the dress with buttons on the bodice to look like a shirt.  Or the bottom of the dress might resemble a pencil skirt.   Those were great dresses for work where you needed to look professional and efficient.   Any of these dresses could be stylishly worn on dates, to work at the office, or on casual outings, plus mom usually wore a dress at home.   Today, we’re more comfortable in shirts and jeans.  In retro days, women wore dresses every day. 

Come see what Centsationals.com has to offer in the style of retro dresses online.


Thinking of Buying Affordable Dresses Online? Here is What You Should Know

Online shopping has its benefits, for example, no queues, you do not have to leave the house, you do not have to deal with moody salespeople and so on and so forth. Just like other great things online shopping has its drawbacks like your clothes order arriving three sizes too small or the wrong color. To avoid this, you need a few pointers to help you find affordable dresses online.

Measurements are very important when buying affordable dresses online. Knowing you exact measurements especially the size of your bust, hips, inseam, and waist will help you find you the perfect dress. It is essential to point out that sizes vary depending on the brand and the location where the products were made in. For example, the American size will vary from the UK size and so on. However, when you know the exact measurements of your body, you will be able to find a perfect fit.

You also need to know the texture of the material used in making the dress. You do not want to wait for months to receive your dress only to find out that the fabric is as rough as the sandpaper. To prevent this from happening when buying affordable dresses online, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the fabric information. Know the fabric and even find out samples around you that you can feel them physically.

How to Wear Our Favorite Summer Dresses

Along with popsicles, swimming pools and spending more time outdoors, one of the best things about summer has to be the dresses.  Slip on one pretty piece and you’re ready to go at a moment’s notice.  And nothing will keep you cooler in a heatwave or looking great on date night than a dress.  Summer heats up but you can still look and feel cool.  When you want to update your wardrobe for the warmer season, Centsationals.com has many styles to choose from.  If you want to look chic, a better choice than shorts and tees can be a pretty summer dress in florals, stripes, geometric or plain.  What could be easier than putting on a one-piece outfit and avoiding the hassle of mixing and matching separates?  Read on for our favorite dress styles and ways to wear them.

The long, flowing maxi dress will take you from casual shopping at home to vacation shopping on a tropical island.  Maxi’s are feminine in any setting, from everyday wear to the beach and beyond.

And how about the versatile midi dress?  You’ll go from the workplace to weddings.  Try dressing it up.  Wear a pop of color in your high heel shoes or when you’re feeling casual, summer sandals are just the right touch.

A knee length dress is perfect for almost anyone and every occasion.

If you’re adventurous and brave, the mini dress will certainly catch the eye and can be worn everywhere and dressed up or down depending on your mood or the occasion.

Centsationals.com has all these lovely summer dresses to show you.  Come take a look.

Create Your Timeless Elegance With Retro Dresses Online

Retro dresses are always a fun and chic way to enjoy a classy night out, going dancing, a costume party, or even a day at the office. We love retro dresses at Centsationals and we know that these are always a great choice for taking your style up a notch for any occasion. These dresses are a surefire way to turn heads and feel confident.

Dresses of the vintage and retro kind are perfect for all body types, whether you want a high-waisted floral print dress or a swing party dress. It is fun to look back on the fashionistas of the past and to imitate their timeless elegance in a retro dress and create a timeless elegance that is all your own with these kinds of dresses.

We at Centsationals know that retro dresses are a great way to show off your exquisite sense of style and to be turning heads for all of the right reasons. Whether you want to have a 60s night with your girlfriends or enjoy a classy night on the town with your husband, the options are endless when it comes to retro dresses online. Now that the warmer weather is upon us, we are excited to let our skin breathe in a gorgeous retro dress.

Looking At Carefree Summer Dresses

We at Centsationals know that many of us have had a long and unusually cold winter and are looking forward to the warmer weather. Even though spring isn’t officially here on March 1st, many people consider it spring as soon as March starts and are excited that they are getting out of the cold winter months. One always naturally feels happier and more optimistic during the warmer months, and we feel that things will be looking up this spring.

Centsationals can’t wait for people to start shopping for some cute summer clothes. We love buying some new outfits for the summer and it will be cool to get some great finds this summer and spring season. We can’t wait for people to go shopping for cute shorts, tops, and of course, some nice dresses. A dress is always a great choice in the summer and it makes one feel lovely and pretty.

We are excited to have many people already looking at some great summer dresses online. If we see something that we know we won’t find anywhere else, we have to get it, even if it is not yet the season to wear it. It has been nice to be looking at some dresses online ourselves, and we already have been picturing ourselves wearing the dresses while enjoying long walks by the water and being carefree.