Why to choose Duck down jacket

When the weather gets chilly, it is often a little more difficult to dress up because you want warmth and style. Usually, the most suitable jacket is one that suits both needs. In addition to style, you would also want something you can afford. You would want to meet that need without breaking the bank. A Duck down jacket is that jacket.

Basically, a down jacket is any jacket that is insulated with warm and soft feathers of duck or geese. A Duck down jacket is, therefore a down jacket made with (insulation) duck feathers. These jackets are great insulators. This is because the fluffiness (loft) of the feathers (down) creates thousands of air pockets. These air pockets trap warm air and retain heat, this way it keeps you warm.

A Duck down jacket is usually heavier than a Goose down jacket. It is, however, cheaper and more affordable. Convenience is also something that comes with this jacket. It allows you to stay warm and go about your activities in the cold without worries about the weather. For cool spring days, you will also find this jacket useful. To stay on top of your game, get your jacket ahead of the chilly days.

A Duck Down Jacket That Will Keep You Warm All Winter Long

Something for you outdoor lovers!  What a beautiful duck down jacket you see here.  You’ll love its warmth and the attention you’ll get as its attractive color draws all eyes to you.

Duck down jackets, as the name implies, are made using the soft under feathers of ducks and are very lightweight but still offer excellent heat retention.

When shopping, look for one that’s not too fitted.  You may want room enough to wear something insulating underneath.  If it’s too loose, it could let cold air in under the hem and sleeves openings.

After your purchase, if you are going to hand or machine wash your jacket, you’ll want to use a detergent specifically made for down.  You can use a washing machine without an agitator to wash a down jacket on a gentle cycle in cool water.  Use the “extra rinse” cycle if available, but do not spin after rinsing.   Squeeze out the extra water, don’t wring it out.  Let your jacket drip dry over a drying rack, giving it a “fluff” now and then.  When the jacket is almost dry, you can tumble dry it on a low heat setting.  It’s helpful to add a couple of drying balls to the dryer, or tennis balls work also, to help your jacket regain its fluffiness.

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Fur Collar Coats Will Keep You Warm and Looking Smart All Winter

As winter approaches, our thoughts turn to warmth in clothing.  When shopping for a winter coat, our thoughts turn to style.  When you are lucky enough to find both warmth and style in the same coat, you have found a winner.  Fur collar coats give us a fashionable look and the bonus of more protection on cold, blustery days.   Added to that, we love the look.

Don’t we all have an old faithful?  The comfortable coat we’ve had around for a few years that is handy to throw on anytime we go outdoors.  It’s always nice to have an alternative, a coat that adds a little pizzaz to the day and makes us feel good when we put it on and go.  Wearing something that flatters our shape and style puts an extra bounce in our step.

This season, if shopping for a new winter coat is on your agenda, and you have never felt the luxury of a fur collar coat, why not give it a try?  A good place to start your search is at Centsationals.com.



Women’s Jackets and Coats to Keep You Warm this Fall and Winter

Can you feel it in the air?  It’s fall.  We love October, when we’re surrounded by the beauty of leaves flaunting their glorious colors before falling, leaving trees bare and lonely; a crisp sharpness is in the air giving rosy cheeks to adults and kids alike.   Time to put our summer wardrobe aside and look to spice up our closet with new fall items.  Jackets are a wonderful choice for fall.  Choose from bomber jackets, leather jackets, biker jackets, suede jackets and blazers,  lightweights and heavyweights, plus more.  Whatever style you prefer,  pick one that makes you look good outside, feel great inside and puts a bounce in your step.

Selecting and buying a winter coat is serious business.  A winter coat will need to take you from winter to spring.  You’ll be wearing it – a lot.  Snow bunnies and outdoorswomen most often want puff and extra warmth for those ski slope days or snowman building adventures with the kids.  Maybe you want an every day, but stylish casual winter coat to wear for work or play.  Whatever your needs, you will find a large selection of Women’s Jackets and Coats at Centsationals.com.  We offer coats that make you look and feel good, and can handle the job of keeping you warm on those frigid winter days and nights.