Women’s Plus Size Clothing is One Of Our Specialties at Centsationals

Our wish for every woman is that she has confidence enough to be comfortable with her body.  Whether large or small, short or tall, clothing goes a long way towards helping us appreciate our unique shape and size.

There’s no doubt we are not all created equal.  But each of us is beautiful in our own way and each of us needs to feel that.  In the past, we may have had to settle for clothing that was perhaps drab and not always complimentary, just the best we could find.  That was then and today there is a line of clothing designed solely for the plus size figure.  Clothing that allows us to look as fabulous on the outside as we feel on the inside.

Plus size clothing is designed with your shape and size in mind.   You can fill your wardrobe with clothing that fits every need and occasion from casual for a trip to the park or the zoo, to elegant and glamorous for a special date night with your best guy.   You can find workplace clothing that allows you to look as efficient as you feel.  You can find swimsuits, or even a bikini, for a day at the beach knowing you look your best and definitely won’t be sitting under an umbrella draped in a towel.  You’ll be playing on the beach and making memories with your family.   Sleepwear can be pretty or plain, worn for lounging on a lazy day or to bed feeling warm, cozy and beautiful.

Whatever you need, you can find in plus size at Centsationals.com.  We would love to have you take a look.  Don’t forget to look us up on Pinterest.


So Many Women’s Blouses and Tops to Choose From that You Can Find One to Wear for Every Occasion

Blouses and tops are the most versatile items in your closet.  We love to shop for women’s blouses and tops. When we’re lucky enough to find a blouse that fits us perfectly and makes us feel confident, we may buy more than one of the same style,  in different colors.  The trick is to find enough room in your wardrobe for all the blouses you would like to have.   Blouses can make any skirt or pant look elegant and glamorous.  Or they can make the same skirt or pant look casual and fun.

There are so many different styles; short sleeve, long sleeve,  boat neck, v-neck, tuck in, leave out.   Many kinds of fabrics are available now from easy-care cotton to synthetics and silks in various colors and shades.

One pair of jeans, a favorite pair of slacks or a single skirt can become the basis for a myriad of different outfits.  A beautiful silk blouse and skirt or slacks can take you to dinner at a glamorous restaurant. The same slacks and a colorful polyester blouse will be just right for the office.   A pair of jeans and a fun T-shirt top will make you feel right at home at the ball game.  The mix and match outfits are endless.

Shop online at Censationals.com for women’s blouses and tops you’ll love.



Socks For Women Are A Necessity In Winter Months And All Year Long

We Midwesterners experienced a not-unexpected blizzard on Saturday.  Tons of snow fell and the wind whistled by our windows and doors.  Long icicles formed beneath the gutters.  The snowfall was beautiful, but we knew it meant we would be shoveling out from underneath deep snow drifts on Sunday.

Before we put on boots and grabbed the snow shovel, we made sure we had good socks on our feet to keep them warm and dry.

When we’re not shoveling snow, cute socks are fun to wear and we’ve become accustomed to seeing others wearing bright, flashy socks or socks with a message or even mismatched socks.  We’re not always a big fan of wearing socks that don’t match, but if we gave it a try, it would save a lot of time not having to pair up socks on laundry day.

But cute or the latest fad isn’t everything.   Our feet need socks for other reasons.  Socks protect the inside of shoes from sweaty feet.  They help prevent bacteria from forming in our shoes, which can cause an unpleasant odor.  Socks also provide some padding and extra cushion for our weary feet.

Are you looking for low-cut, no-show socks to wear with sneakers or knee-highs with loafers and short skirts?  You’ll find all kinds of socks for women at Centsationals.com.  Come take a look.  We look forward to seeing you there.



office blouses for ladies for a sophisticated look

Upgrade your status at work with a professional wardrobe that’s sure to impress. However, nothing can beat office blouses for ladies when it comes to business outfits. They are wardrobe essential for every working woman out there. The office blouses for ladies create a business style that balances both femininity and professionalism. These fresh pieces look clean, classy and sophisticated.

Depending on your preferences and the style you look for, you can choose from a wide array of office blouses for ladies. There are available in different, colors, heights and patterns. From long to short lengths, to plain and colorful designs, you can select that one that pleases you the most and go with your styled frame. In fact there are many ways you can style the office blouses for ladies. Depending on the occasion and the event, style the office blouse for ladies in a put together look that will make you look fabulous and chic.

Make your weekdays better by pairing an office blouse for ladies with a nice polished skirt, jeans or black trousers for a perfect finish. Office blouse for ladies are usually made with soft silky crepe fabric treated by non toxin dye, skin friendly on your skin. Depending on your taste and preferences, stick to the color pattern that you find yourself more comfortable in and go for it. However if you are the bold type, brightly colored pattern are highly recommended to spice up your style. It will definitely give you added style points.

Let Us Be Your Go To Store For Boots and Shoes Online


This latest winter storm is piling up knee-high snowdrifts, reminding us that we need those fur-lined snow boots we’ve been putting off buying.  We don’t advise stepping outside wearing  sneakers in this kind of weather.  You’ll sink up to your ankles or knees in white stuff.  There are a few snow bunnies among us who love this time of the year, and once we get our boots, we can love it too.   There are so many fun things to do in winter, like build a snowman or two, go sledding, make snow angels, go downhill skiing or cross country skiing or shovel the driveway.

However, maybe you’re not a fan of wintry outdoor adventures and you simply want to get around town on snow-cleared sidewalks.  If so, every-day shoes might do just fine.  Centsationals.com has sneakers and loafers, too.

Wintery weather doesn’t mean we give up wearing our pretty shoes.  There are occasions that demand a little elegance in our choice of footwear.  How about winter weddings or anniversary parties or fancy birthday parties.  Any occasion can be a reason for us to choose shoes that add that special touch to a beautiful outfit, making us look and feel our very best.   At Centsationals.com you can find a myriad of boots and shoes online.    Visit our site.  We’ll meet you there.



Designer Scarves Come In All Shapes, Sizes, Colors and Patterns And Can Be Worn In Every Season Of The Year

 Scarves!  Scarves!  Scarves!  We love them.   Bright colors.  Pretty prints.  Solids.  In the spring and summer, they are worn for fashion.  Fall and winter are the perfect seasons to wear them for warmth, along with accenting our wardrobe.   Scarves add color or patterns to perk up any outfit that may need an added touch of something to help it stand out.  Isn’t it amazing how one scarf can be worn a dozen or more ways?

Scarves are available in many shapes and sizes.  Happiness is when you find one and fall in love with it.  After selecting a shape, we are then faced with how to tie it.

 How to tie a scarf can be a mystery in itself.  We can learn by experimenting by ourselves or having a friend in the know teach us.  Better yet,  we can search out and study videos made by the scarf experts and then practice in front of a mirror to decide which ties are most useful and look best on us and our clothing.

We would love for you to come to Centsationals.com and pick one or two out for yourself.   The perfect designer scarves for you can be found there.  Come take a look.  We think you’ll like what you see.

So Many Brassieres For Sale, So Many Choices At Centsationals.Com

Centsationals.com is going undercover.  There is so much to think about and so many choices to consider when shopping for a brassiere.

What are you looking for?  Is it comfort?  fashion?  uplift?  minimizer? push up? T-shirt? sports bra? full coverage?  See what I mean?  However, rest assured, there is a bra for every body shape, every occasion, every dress style and every activity.

We all like to feel feminine and pretty.  Wearing a lovely bra in a pretty color under a beautiful dress gives us that feeling of luxury and glamour.

A few things to consider:

An underwire bra is a great shaper and offers additional support and firm yet gentle lift to breasts larger than a C cup.  Most women find them very comfortable to wear and appreciate the firm control.  Of course, there are bras without underwires that are beautifully made and offer excellent support. Your choice simply depends on which type you prefer.

Under a T-shirt, look for a bra with no seams and at least a minimal bit of padding for coverage and modesty.  If you wonder about the correct color to wear under a Tee, we suggest you go with a bra that is closest to your body color.

When exercising at the gym or actively playing sports, your breasts require a good sports bra that will give adequate support and control to avoid injury.

Lounging around at home on a lazy day?  Just imagine the luxury and comfort of wearing a bra that makes you feel beautiful and still gives you the support you need.

You will find a wonderful selection of brassieres for sale at Centsationals.com.  We invite you to take a look.  You’re sure to find what you’re looking for.

A Duck Down Jacket That Will Keep You Warm All Winter Long

Something for you outdoor lovers!  What a beautiful duck down jacket you see here.  You’ll love its warmth and the attention you’ll get as its attractive color draws all eyes to you.

Duck down jackets, as the name implies, are made using the soft under feathers of ducks and are very lightweight but still offer excellent heat retention.

When shopping, look for one that’s not too fitted.  You may want room enough to wear something insulating underneath.  If it’s too loose, it could let cold air in under the hem and sleeves openings.

After your purchase, if you are going to hand or machine wash your jacket, you’ll want to use a detergent specifically made for down.  You can use a washing machine without an agitator to wash a down jacket on a gentle cycle in cool water.  Use the “extra rinse” cycle if available, but do not spin after rinsing.   Squeeze out the extra water, don’t wring it out.  Let your jacket drip dry over a drying rack, giving it a “fluff” now and then.  When the jacket is almost dry, you can tumble dry it on a low heat setting.  It’s helpful to add a couple of drying balls to the dryer, or tennis balls work also, to help your jacket regain its fluffiness.

We offer this duck down jacket in seventeen bold and beautiful colors.  We invite you to click on Centsationals.com and take a closer look.  We think you’ll like what you see.

A Quick Rundown On Skirts For Women

Skirts for women are a staple in every wardrobe. They’re flexible and fashionable items that you can mix and match with different tops, and with the right style, can easily transition from daytime to night time wear. But what skirts must you have in your beauty and fashion and arsenal?

You’re probably wondering what Skirts for women to buy and what would best fit your personal sense of fashion. Basically, there are over 30 different types of skirts to choose from; let’s give you a few examples to help you decide what to buy. You have your A-line skirts that are works and looks great on many body types including hourglass and curvy. There’s also the draped skirt if you want to contour your body through your clothes. The gypsy skirt for that added flare. The skater skirt if you’re going for a fun and funky look. And the tutu that can help you add volume below your waistline.

Different skirts for women fit different body types, but don’t let that dictate what you should and shouldn’t wear. As long as it makes you feel comfortable and confident – you’re wearing it right!

We Have Vintage Skirts For Sale That Go From The Work Day To Date Night

In 2019,  styles from the 1920’s to 2000’s are considered vintage.  Everything old is new again if you wait long enough.  We’re excited to see women wearing vintage skirts, proving that our love of vintage clothing is always in style.  With TV shows like Mad Men and a few others, we are reminded of fashions of the 1960’s and before.   Many of today’s fashions show the old-fashioned high waists and we like the belted look that goes along with it.   Skirts of that day were narrow and down to mid-calf, like today’s midi, or had pleats at the waistline or flare at the bottom.  Circle skirts were the thing.  Tops were always tucked into the waistband.

Long narrow skirts are perfect for the work day,  helping you look tidy and efficient.  Pleated skirts or skirts that are flared at the bottom are perfect for date night.  Pleated or flared skirts also look stylish and are comfortable enough for everyday wear whether you are out shopping or meeting friends for lunch.

Accessorizing your look is fun.  Adding a necklace and bracelets in a contrasting color is a good way to bring attention to your outfit.  Shoes in the same color as your accessories will be an added eye catcher.

Centsationals.com has a wide selection of vintage skirts for sale that we think you will like.  Come take a look.  We’ll meet you there.